Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hot Air Buttons !!

Hi everyone,

Meet today's card, aren't those hot air buttons cute?? I've been looking with envy this stamp set for a while now. It's called everyday button bits from Paper Trey Ink... I finally got to play with it last weekend, not mine CeeCee's, but i'll get mine soon.

I really love the mountain and the clouds I made inking under the pressusre with some expert's eyes lloking over my shoulder...It's always fun when we take time to create and eat strawberry cupcakes together.

Have a nice stampin' day !!!

1 comment:

Marie-Précieuse said...

j'ai une petite larme qui coule sur ma joue... j'aurais aimé etre avec vous. Pour les étampes, pour les cupcakes, mais aussi juste pour etre avec vous. miss you guys!! ps: les montagnes, tu les as faites comments? Une étampe?