Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two 4 Tuesday -- DIY Scrapbook-in-a-tin

Two for Tuesday features 2 projects that are similar in either color, theme, layout or embellishment but... with a different twist!


Hi everyone,

Meet the first "Do-it-yourself Scrapbook-in-a-tin"kit, baby edition. Here's what it looks like from up close... just like a regular CD case:

But when you open it, it reveals a cute mini-album for your baby's first year!

As you can see, my mini-album is not quite finished since my sweet baby girl is only 7 months old. But the kit includes all the paper, cardstock and embellishments to complete one full year's worth of memories of my baby Sara.

The lid is embossed tone-on-tone with a giraffe for that subtle look.

Sounds like a fun project, right? Well, here at Card à la Carte, we've decided to offer this kit to you, our readers.

This kit, offered as both Baby Girl or Baby Boy editions, includes the following:
  • one embossed CD tin
  • scrapbook spine
  • cardstock
  • patterned paper
  • one sheet of handmade embellishments
Everything you'll need to create one mini-album to preserve those cherished baby memories!
This is a simple Do-It-Yourself project that's fun to do at home or on the go. Bring it with you on your next road trip or scrapbook retreat -- all you need to do is pack it your purse! It's like a cake in a box: all you'll not to add is your adhesive, a paper trimmer and some photos.

Quantities are limited, so order yours now from our Etsy store or click on the links below.
Shipping to Canada and US is included in the price.

To purchase the BABY GIRL edition for 25$ CAD (color scheme is pink, magenta, yellow) just click here

To purchase the BABY BOY edition for 25$ CAD (color scheme is teal, orange, yellow)
just click here

Below, you'll find additional photos.

Card Candy sheet:

Here's an idea of what you can do with this kit:

Have a nice stampin' day! Gen


krogilbert said...

Wow! C'est magnifique!! Quel beau cadeau à offrir!! Vous avez, comme toujours, de tres bonnes idées! ...Et que dire du mannequin-vedette?!?! Belle cocotte!

Stephanie Pezolet said...

This album looks absolutely great! So does your darling little girl Gen!

Marie-Claude Bastien said...

Comme elle est belle! (l'album aussi!!!) Bravo pour ton beau travail (pour ton album aussi!!!)

peata said...

gotta love the mini in a tin.
great kits.
toilet roll mini scrapbook comp