Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We interrupt this program to bring you...

... a video tutorial! So Two 4 Tuesday will not be happening today so we may present to you our Easter Bunny Treat bag video tutorial.

Because of the length of the project, it's in 2 parts so don't forget to watch both. You can also watch them directly from our YouTube channel.

NOTE: Contrary to what the video says, I couldn't upload a pdf of the bunny parts to this blog post. The template is a jpg file and you'll be able to print it, full size, and trace the patterns to make your bunny.

And here is the template for the bunny. Just click on the image and print at 85% scaling.

Enjoy making your Easter Treat Bag and leave us your comments! CeeCee


Anonymous said...

So darn cute!!! I think my son would love to give it a try. We'll do that this week-end. Thanks so much for this very clear tutorial!

Cathryn Azevedo said...

Oh m gosh, this is adorable! I know what I'm doing after my kids go to bed tonight!!! :)

Thanks for sharing!!!