Thursday, February 4, 2010

Introducing Sweet Treat Thursday !!

Sweet Treat Thursdays are all about food -- our other favorite topic -- and features ways to embellish/wrap/present something edible. CAUTION: May be hazardous to your waistline!

Hi everyone,

Today, will be the exception to the rule with a healthy homemade banana muffin. I got those funny footed silicone mold from my dear friend Caroline. I though they were so cute and wanted to try them but didn't want some icing on my breakfast treat for my 2 years old (sugar isn't such a good thing and icing for breakfast can be messy !!!).
So I came up with this : a punched piggy face on a toothpick...easy to put on, easy to take off, non-messy and turn out but be a cute nice puppet when you need a little entertainment!! So Mrs and Mr Piggy had a lot of fun, but I'm sorry to tell you that they are now at the cardstock hospital for a little surgery !! LOL, have fun creating for your kids, even just to see their eyes sparkling and having fun with them.

All punches and cardstock from SU!

Have a nice stampin' day!



Marie-Précieuse said...

Wow! J'pense qu'Arielle rêverait d'avoir une mère comme toi! Et moi aussi!!!!!!!!!! Moi ma mère placait mes morceaux de clémentines en forme de soleil dans l'assiette.... C'était le fun aussi. LOL ;D

Anonymous said...

Gen, les inventions de Gen! C'est absolument fantastique ce que tu fais! Bisous, Annie

Cindy Major said...

Si ingénieux! Et si mignon!!