Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sweet Treat Thursday -- Trick or treat ??

Sweet Treat Thursdays are all about food -- our other favorite topic -- and features ways to embellish/wrap/present something edible. CAUTION: May be hazardous to your waistline!

Hi everyone,

Are you ready for trick-or-treaters ??? I am now...  Theses thing were so fast and fun to make, they also would qualify for or quickie mini monday:

Simple brown paper bag, a 6" X 1 1/2" piece of dsp (you get 16 bags out of one 12" X 12"!!!)
punched pieces of paper, a cute stamp set, lots of candies, a piece of ribbon  and you're done.

Have nice stampin' day !!

1 comment:

Marie-Claude Bastien said...

Je pense qu'on va aller passer l'Halloween chez vous!!! Très joli et le design se transforme facilement en carte d'invitation pour un party d"Halloween!