Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sweet Treat Thursday -- Dark Chocolate Slider

Sweet Treat Thursdays are all about food -- our other favorite topic -- and features ways to embellish/wrap/present something edible. CAUTION: May be hazardous to your waistline!

Hi everyone,

There's something luscious about the color purple paired with black that calls... chocolate to me. But then again, everything does to me! I'm a chocoholic. Here's a candy bar slider I just prepared for a special person:

I think it looks quite elegant. When you pull on the top ribbon, it acts as an elevator for the chocolate bar.

Inside is my favorite dark chocolate: Valrhona... so luscious... just like the color purple and the satin ribbon! I hope she likes it :-)

Have nice stampin' day !!


Christelle LM said...

Absolutly gorgeous, i love it !

Lynda said... it! Any chance you will post the directions? Please, please, please...

Anonymous said...

Elegant. Could see something like this on my nephews wedding table. Gorgeous! TFS!

Cindy Major said...

WOOOOW! Je capote sur ce projet. Super élégant, j'adore les couleurs et le motif créé avec le fleuron est absolument magnifique! Bonne idée, le passe-ruban au haut, aussi!