Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Two 4 Tuesday --Xmas gift organizer

Two for Tuesday features 2 projects that are similar in either color, theme, layout or embellishment but... with a different twist!

Hi everyone,

Are you like me, having ideas for gift always when you don't have anything to write on, or even worse, you take some ideas on little scrap of paper but then they disappear forever when you need them ??? Do you have trouble keeping track of what you already bought??? Then you need to treat yourself with one of these :

these little xmas gift organizer will save you time and money and most of all they're just so cute and easy to do.You can make one out of a single sheet of patterned paper... 

Here's the inside pages with pocket, to slip your wish list tag:

On the other side of the tag I glued a table with which gift you bought, how much you paid and if it is wrapped (I would need another collum for where I hid it but that's another story!!!)

Since it's Tuesday I needed another one and I simply chose a different color scheme and layout:

Have a nice stampin' day !!


Valentina said...

Hi, Great project! What did you use to make the book? Also, are your instructions for sale?
Thank you very much.


Allison said...

What fabulous projects! I love it!

Lynda said...

Ohhh...love it, great idea! Will the instructions be available soon?