Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pirates Arrrrr!

Hi everyone,

This is was I've been working on last 3 weekends...Our very own Pirate Play Ship:

My husband saw this play ground boat on the web and since he always wanted to be a pirate...We had to make one for the kids. The company called pirate play ships is located in the US so we couln'd affort them but by looking at their photos, I made my own plans and I 'm pretty proud of how it turned out. Here's the process:


Lots ans lots of woods and a quiet little girl playing in the sand boat.

First frames

Little helper #2 making sure that every thing is perfect every step of the way by drawing and measuring the wood.


Little helper #1 beeing HEAVY

Squeleton looking more and more like it should

Little helpers #1 and #2 testing the new features

Little helper #2 testing the small slide speed.

Adding a way to the decks... even little helper #2 can climb it... (not so good...)

Getting closer

New way to get onboard that cannot be used by little helper #2 (yet !!!)

ALL DONE (well according to little helper #1 we're still missing the pirate flag... I'll get it up there soon :O)

Lots and lots of pretend play and exercice ahead for all the family.

Since lots of you don't come here to see some carpentry projects...
I also have a little card to share with you. I was asked by a coworker a card with this image and a specific text., I had to change the text but Photoshop made it easy.

This is very old SU! paper (2006) don't even remember the name but was perfectly uncluttered and manly for the request...

Have a nice stampin' day !!!


Karen H. said...

Man oh man that is one awesome playground!!

Marie-Précieuse said...

Geneviève! Nous autres on est aux E-U, pis mon chum veut pas acheter cejeu, parce qu'il a lu que 2 frères charpentiers ont acheté quelque chose de semblable et qu'ils ont mis 2 jours entiers à assembler alors là, écoute, en voyant ces photos, d'abord je tombe en bas de ma chaise, et ensuite, je te lève mon chapeau. Finalement, je t'admire!!!! Et mon chum aussi t'admire. Et Arielle envie tes enfants...tant qu'à y être!! hihi!! Excellent. Tu es un génie!!!