Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Burgers anyone ??

Hi everyone,

Today I don't have a card for you but I 'll share our Father's day cakes with you.

Each father had it's very own little burger with a candle to blow While we all shared the big burger within kids and women.

It's a very easy cake to build, I made my favorite chocolate+ banana cake in a 9X13 pan and used it for the meat. My hot milk white cake was cooked in a bowl and then slice in two to make the bread. A little leftover fondant for the cheese, salad and ketchup and voilà.

So yummy !!

Have a nice stampin' day !!!


Marie-Précieuse said...

wow!!! Tu te surpasses!!! :) Super beau. Mais je te mentirais si je te disais que ca me donne le gout d'en manger..... ils ont tellement l'air vrai!!!! Good job!

Lauren L. said...

Almost looks too good to eat!

Marie-Claude Bastien said...

Mais où prends-tu le temps pour faire ça?!! Est-ce que tu dors des fois? UN seul mot: WOW!