Saturday, July 16, 2011

CALC is on summer hiatus

Hi everyone,

I'm posting this with a heavy heart but with total honesty. You may have noticed that we haven't posted anything since the release of our last tutorial. There are 2 reasons, both of them medical:

a) Gen is pregnant with her 3rd child and is having a very rough first semester
b) I just got out or surgery for an appendectomy gone wrong. 

So, in essence... we're taking a summer hiatus. We're not sure when things will get back to normal but feel free to browse through our blog for inspiration and ideas. Our store is still open if you want to purchase any of our tutorials as I will continue to monitor that.

Have a nice stampin' day !!!


Anonymous said...

Oh CeeCee, I'm so sorry to hear about the complications for both you and Gen! I will keep you both in my prayers for a healthy pregnancy for her, and a quick and full recovery for you. That's what's most important, so please take good care!


Marie-Claude Bastien said...

Prompt rétablissement!

Julie said...

Repose et Prenez garde a vous et famille

Connie Collins said...

Oh my goodness. Hope you gals are both feeling better soon. Your health is the most important thing. You need to focus on right now!

Mindy said...

Hope everyone is doing alright! I am a newer fan and love your blog! Prayers are being sent your way for both of you! :)